Thursday Nights in May at Nietzsche’s, Presented by NYS Music

May is a wonderful month to get out and shake those winter blues off. NYS Music is proud to present Thursday nights at Nietzsche’s, which is stacked with great artists! Come celebrate icons such as Prince, Simon & Garfunkel or shake it off with some great folk, bluegrass and jazz.


THURSDAY May 5- Musicology: Tribute to Prince with Jacob Peter & THE TRUTH, members of RADARADABlue Stone GrooveVinnie DeRosaKathryn Koch and Joe Rozler

Six bands in one night come together to celebrate the diverse catalogue of music the pop icon produced throughout his prolific career. Everything from the hits, to B-sides, deep cuts, and the obscure. No repeats all night!


Blue Stone Groove are a Buffalo based, 6 piece band, drawing inspiration from jazz, old time soul, reggae, blues and a bit of motown. We play our own original songs, we spice up our jazz favorites and we toy around with modern and vintage pop songs, giving them that Blue Stone Groove.


Buffalo native Kathryn Koch is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist best known for her powerhouse vocals with acclaimed indie folk band Redheaded Stepchild from 1996-2010. Her duties in RHSC, in addition to vocals, included sax, harmonica, bass, mandolin, guitar, and once someone even let her play the banjo. After spending many years in Nashville, TN, Kathryn recently returned to Buffalo and has found enthusiastic support for her many musical endeavors. Kathryn continues to showcase her songwriting and re-interpretation of traditional folk music as a solo act. Kathryn also plays alto sax and sings with Black Rock Zydeco, and sings and plays harmonica with Alan “ADub” Whitney and the Healing Committee.


Vinnie Derosa is a solo singer/songwritter well equiped with knowledge and fluent skills in nearly every core instrument, which allows him to concieve and produce every aspect of his original song ideas. Vinnie has played with many of the top musicians in the area, and is constantly finding new musicians and artists to collaborate his talent with. Yet, even when playing without the aid of other musicians, the solo vibe that Vinnie creates with just his vocals and an acoustic guitar is enough to capture the attention from every bystander.

THURSDAY May 12- Bobby Angel: A Musical Tribute To The Music of Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel


A 15 year resident of Allentown, “Bobby Angel” (Robert Scibran) has a penchant for bringing together some of the best of Buffalo’s musical talent for ‘rockin themed-night gatherings and tribute shows that are always sure to please!  Armed with an Associates in business; an internship with (famed local Buffalo folk-favorite) Ani DiFranco’s  independent label “Righteous Babe Records”; as well as several years of hosting Open Mic Nights at popular venues throughout the city (currently Alleycat) ,  Bobby has the knowledge and know-how it takes to create successful and lasting artistic relationships! With a slew of originals from his 2015 “Taste the Clouds” CD debut,  “Bobby Angels’ ” soulful style blends sounds of Blues , Rock and  Country into charismatic,  harmonica-soaked ballads that touch upon a variety of subjects ranging from love,  loss and longing ; to the hope of renewed friendships through holidays,  traditions and song.

Catch Bobby’s latest project Thursday May 12 @ Nietzsche’s as he presents the venues’ first ever tribute to the music of Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel! Featuring a slew of sounds from Allentown locals Alec Brown on Stand-up Bass,  Lynette Selinger on Flute and Bobby Angel himself on lead vocals and rhythm guitar,  Opening act “Bobby &  The Love”  will be covering some of the duo’s most famed numbers, including: “Hazy Shade of Winter”  & “El Condor Pasa”! $3 at the door will also include:”Parsley,  Sage,  Rosemary,  & Thyme” Stuffed cheesebreads & “Scarborough Fair”  themed desserts!  There will also be some musical trivia with prizes! Come join the fun!

THURSDAY May 19- Mulberry Soul, The Observers, The Brothers Blue


Come celebrate Mulberry Soul’s album release with special guests The Observers and The Brothers Blue. Mulberry Soul was conceived in 2012 at the Rochester Folk Art Guild, an intentional community of artists and craftspeople outside of Naples, NY.  Over the past four years, they have developed a local following through frequent gigging and high energy live shows filled with traditional bluegrass and old-time tunes mixed with soulful, progressive jams.  Their chemistry on stage comes from the group’s experience growing up and living together at the artist community.  Mulberry Soul is releasing their self-titled debut album the third weekend in May with shows in Buffalo, Naples and Rochester.


Born out of the Allentown neighborhood in Buffalo, NY, Josh, Allen and Ben blended their original Folk, Indie and Americana compositions to form The Observers. With the addition of Matt, Jeannine and Tyler they have established their unique sound. Their shows allow you to travel from tear in your beer ballads, to remain in your brain melodies and to strip to your panties hootenannies.


The Brothers Blue was born in the quaint Finger Lakes town of Honeoye, New York on an August day in 1998. 13-year-old Benny Blue knocked on the door of guitar-playing schoolmate, Matthew.  He invited him to make the five-mile bike ride back to his house to watch The Wizard of Oz and listen to Dark Side of the Moon.  And with their minds blown, like two fish in a sea of rolling hills, they developed a friendship that would last a lifetime.

Over the years, they played music together, and while in college, the boys formed a band called The Blue Lemons. Blending blues, rock, and Americana musical styles with folk sensibilities, the band played to crowds from Buffalo, New York to Burlington, Vermont.  This platform allowed the brothers to find their voices as independent and collaborative songwriters, exploring the angels and devils that live in us all, and our place here in this land.

Today, The Brothers Blue are one leaf on a branch of an ever-growing string music tree in upstate New York.  They perform original and American folk traditionals in a multitude of venues around the Buffalo, Rochester, and Finger Lakes regions.

THURSDAY May 26- Folkfaces and The BelleRegards

Folkfaces is a group out of Buffalo, NY that plays a rowdy blend of rootsy Folk, Jazz, and Blues – fusing classic forms with contemporary feelings and irresistibly danceable energy. Their inspiration comes from the mountains of Appalachia to the deltas of Mississippi, the swamps of Louisiana to the Concrete Jungle of the Rustbelt. Specializing in merriment and sticking it to the system, Folkfaces make the crowd dance and the hierarchy shatter.


The BelleRegards are a four-piece folk band based out of Toronto and play what they like to call “rowdy folk”. With more than a hint of bluegrass and rockabilly, the band is identified by high-energy live shows, foot-stomping rhythms, trad breaks, and good humour. They love to get the crowd moving with them—whether to an upbeat two-step or swaying to a ballad, their shows invite you to join in the fun. The members of the band hail from four different provinces in Canada and each bring a unique flavour to The BelleRegards’ sound which is built on the raw vocals of Matthew Kingsley and Melanie Hilmi, driven by the slap-rhythms and bowed upright bass of Mitchell Thomson, and infused with old-timey French-Canadian fiddle by David Poulin.

All shows start at 9 pm. Visit for more info. 

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