Friday Nights in May at Funk n Waffles, Presented by NYS Music

May the funk be with you! The weather is warm and beautiful, and Funk n Waffles has another month of talented artists to help you celebrate Spring. NYS Music is proud to present this month’s line-up.


FRIDAY May 5 – Solar Garlic

Solar Garlic
Solar Garlic, formed in the Fall of 2012, is a Phish tribute band based in Central NY. Their music is inspired by the improvisational thrills and diverse influences that make the live experience of Phish so unique. Mixing a devotion to musical composition and exploratory jams, the band draws from all eras of Phish’s repertoire to construct original and well-balanced sets of music. Their shows not only pay tribute to a great band, but also cultivate their own unique forms of musical communication and expression. The only Phish cover band in the Syracuse area, they have played a festivals like “Phallfest” and a variety of venues in the Central New York area including The Westcott Theater, The Montage Music Hall, Funk ‘n Waffles Downtown, Dinosaur BBQ, Prison City Pub and the Blarney Stone Pub.

FRIDAY May 13 – Eastbound Jesus with special guest Chris James & Mama G featuring Spittin’ Sirens

Chris James & Mama G are a high energy “Swamp Grass” duo with soaring harmonies, progressive writing and foot stomping rhythms.  Danceable, singable, memorable. Their powerful acoustic sound demonstrates a home-spun mastery of picking and singing.  Supported by tight rhythms, delicate breakdowns, engaging lyrics and crafty arrangements, their positive vibe makes it easy to love fast music.  And with a stage presence so relaxed you’d think they we’re huge stars, maybe someday they will be. They developed their unique sound while living off grid in the swamps of Bridgeport, New York, north east of Syracuse.
We would write songs about getting out of the swamp and moving to the mountains because that’s what we wanted to do.  We sang songs about the mountains and clean air and that made us feel better about being in the swamp.”
Siren Selfie 12-9-15
The Spittin’ Sirens, from upstate New York, are a sassy, high energy, anything-but-traditional String Band with deliciously dark themes. They hammer their instruments and let their siren voices wail with a ferocity that commands dance floor choruses. Wearing gypsy outfits and wielding a giant Banjo Bass, they captivate their audience with tight, sultry, original sounds beckoning to the souls of anyone within hearing range. Soothing harmonies and expert song writing complete the package, leaving the listener feeling as though they’ve truly experienced something new and exciting. The Sirens take queues from their musical influences  blending the rough and tumble of the Blind Owl Band with the myriad moods of Rising Appalachia, add a healthy dose of Devil Makes Three and an undercurrent of drum and bass inspiration and you get the Spittin Sirens. From start to finish, every stunning performance is packed with driving rhythms, minor chords and a heavy dose of girl power.
Eastbound Jesus is comprised of six friends: Adam Brockway (vocals, guitar), Carl Anderson (drums, vocals), Luke Anderson (banjo), Dylan Robinson (electric guitar), Dave Wright (bass) and Zack Infante (lap steel and electric guitar).  Their music draws from a diverse range of influences, from bluegrass to country to rock and roll and beyond.  They have developed a style that is distinctly their own, one they have dubbed “Northern Rock.”  Featuring shredding banjo and guitars, a thumping rhythm section and sweet sounding vocal harmonies, it’s a sound that expresses what life is like in a small town, through all of it’s changing seasons.

FRIDAY May 20- Andy Frasco and the U.N. with special guest Greymarket

Influenced early on by the likes of Radiohead, Muse, and Led Zeppelin, drummer Michael Gargiulo and guitarist/vocalist, Cave McCoy, set about creating their own brand of epic rock music in their band Greymarket. Rather than disrupting their musical chemistry by trying to find other musicians with the same vision, the pair elected to fuse with laptop-powered electronics, adding sweeping strings, buzzing synths, and pounding sine-wave bass to their arsenal.


Andy Frasco, the 27-year old Los Angeles, CA native singer / songwriter / band maestro / entrepreneur / party starter / everyday hustler, and his band of gypsies “The U.N.” have been cited frequently as “Party Blues,” but the band’s musical inspirations and influences run much deeper incorporating elements of Soul, Funk, and Rock as well as tones of Roots, and Americana, creating a much more diverse sound and style that is distinctly Andy Frasco & the U.N.


Frasco’s shows have been described as infectious, entertaining, and feel good. His performances are recognized as orchestrated chaos, inciting frenzied, undeniable good times, dancing, and perhaps even a good ole fashion freak out.


FRIDAY May 27 – Jatoba with special guest Boots n’ Shorts

Check out Boots n’ Shorts and you’ll find them instantly recognizable while simultaneously difficult to describe. The Syracuse based 5 piece pulls from a wide array of original material, spanning over their 10+ years of bandhood.   A sound that can be as much toasty jamband groove, as it is outlaw bluegrass. Their latest album Just Another Day is available on

boots & shorts

Vermont-based quartet with a distinctly unique sound. Their music consists of quick, high-energy bluegrass tempos, thumping bass lines, and soaring vocal harmonies, punchy drum driven beats, effects-driven guitar solos, banjo rolls, and even the occasional sitar interlude. The band delivers a live show which encompasses all of these aspects, as well as improvisatory jams, seamless flow, and effective crowd interaction. A rebellious response to typical jam grass, Jatoba has something that listeners of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy.


All shows start at 9pm each night. Visit Funk n Waffles for more info.

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