Warning: Twiddle Is Bringing The Heat To The Haunt In Ithaca

With just two weeks off from their Winter Tour, Twiddle entered their  Spring Plumply Dumpty Tour with a head full of steam. Night after night they they continue to sell out shows on this tour. Remaining dates on their spring tour are as follows: 4/16 Chicago, 4/17 Grand Rapids, 4/19-4/20 Columbus, 4/21 Cleveland, 4/22 Pittsburgh, and last but not least 4/23 Ithaca at The Haunt. The Haunt holds about 450-500 people, and those lucky enough to have a ticket for this Spring Tour Closer is going to be in for a treat!

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Twiddle is a four piece band hailing from Vermont. They have been on the scene for about 10+ years and in that time, they have gained quite the following. With Mihali Savoulidis on guitar, Ryan Dempsey on keys, Brook Jordan on drums, and Zednek Gubb on bass, it’s been a pleasure watching this band grow and evolve as a cohesive unit.

May 7th they will be headlining a show at the historic Capitol Theater in Port Chester, NY with support from TAUK. This collaborative event is anticipated to be one of the highlight shows of this tour so it’s highly suggest getting your tickets soon.

Be sure to check out Twiddle’s first ever music festival, Tumbledown to be held July 29-30. Tumbledown will be held on the waterfront in beautiful Burlington, Vermont. Supporting bands for the festival will be announced soon! Tickets are on sale now.

tumbledown-admat-980x982 (1)

Twiddle is much more than music to the fans, their a movement. Their lyrics are beautiful, empowering and loving. Throw in the fact that all four band members are extremely talented musicians, and the sky is the limit for these fellas.

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