Volunteer for HeadCount

HeadCount released a new video promoting the experience of volunteering for the organization to help register voters at concerts and festivals.


The two-minute video, included below, features volunteers speaking about their rewarding experiences volunteering for HeadCount. Several musicians also appear in the video, including Bob Weir, Jon Fishman, Marc Brownstein and Grace Potter.

This is an important year for HeadCount as the presidential primary season is underway, and American voters will choose a new president in November. As the summer concert and festival season approaches, HeadCount is looking for volunteers to help them register voters at these events around the country. Visit their webpage to sign up to volunteer, and if you are not currently registered to vote or you recently moved, you can register there as well.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUigAT9gKck[/embedyt]