Photo Gallery: Formula 5 Opens Tour In Rochester

Formula 5 opened their tour in Rochester at Flour City Station. The band brought the heat to warm-up the Rochester Crowd, along with some new covers to keep the crowd dancing on into the night.

You can catch them in Plattsburgh, NY at The Monopole and New Haven, CT at Stella Blues this weekend.

1/14/16 Flour City Station
I: Earthbound Tim -> Catch Me > Floating > Earthbound Tim, Kid Charlemagne!
II: Excalibur, Coming Home$ -> 3 Ring -> Perch > 3 Ring > Hymn #43@ -> Coming Home
E: Hot Box
! – Steely Dan Cover (1st Time Played)
@ – Jethro Tull Cover (1st Time Played)
$ – Miss You (RS) Tease
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