Brother Twin Brings the Noise in “Not Impressed” Video, Announces Album

The guys of Brother Twin ride bikes, jam lakeside, smoke drugs—hallucinations included—and get their pyro on in the band’s new video.

The clip for “Not Impressed”—the first single from their forthcoming album Coexistence Is Killing Me—casually debuted on the band’s Facebook page over the holidays.


Although the video does not interpret the song literally, it shows band members Keith Brown (guitar, vocals), Bryan Schlenker (drums) and Matt Kosovo (bass) humorously juxtaposed between scenes of take-it-or-leave-it leisure and false impressions of reality. They try on campus-quad sports, country club prep and social cigars, but the clip ends with frontman Brown falling carelessly backward, arms wide open and fully clothed, into the water, as “Bye… Have A Nice Life” scrolls across the screen and then white noise. It’s this self-deprecating satire of not wanting to be stereotyped or classified that mirrors the song lyrically.

Filmed by Webby Award-winning director Liam Kaczmar, the video was shot on Lake Ontario near Pulaski, when Kaczmar, a Syracuse University graduate, returned to New York last summer on vacation from his current base in San Francisco. With no storyboard to follow, Kaczmar and the band completely improvised during the two-day shoot—which in this case, was just a laidback weekend of high school friends hanging out, goofing off, raising trouble and recording it—and Kaczmar fittingly gave the final cut an oversaturated, home-video filter.

The three-piece punk outfit from Central New York formed in 2014 and released their first EP “Really Though” that same December. Last March Brother Twin played at the Lost Horizon in Syracuse, sharing the bill with the Menzingers, the Afro Nips and Department. And while the band’s latest release is fully recorded (most of the 15 songs are on Soundcloud), the band has yet to confirm an official drop date, but they plan to release it digitally and on vinyl. On deck, Brother Twin will finish its still-to-be-named follow-up LP and are in talks with Chariot Media Productions about producing a video for “Really Though.”


Like all tracks on Coexistence Is Killing Me, “Not Impressed” was recorded and mixed by Gabe Solomon (State Champs) and Josh Swaggler of S&S Studios in Auburn, NY. The three-minute song (hear an early demo here) opens with fuzzy guitars and strong bass lines; Brown’s subdued melodic vocals narcotically pull as oceanic guitar riffs shimmer and swirl with crashing drumbeats. It’s a quick flood of influences—Descendents surf twang, left-of-the-dial raw energy, Joy Division vibes, Indie pop flourishes, Sonic Youth coolness, My Bloody Valentine noise and Weezer radio-friendly sheen.

The boys of Brother Twin have done some living, listened to lots of records, assembled a driving sound and some catchy choruses, delivering music that asks to be turned up to 11. On “Not Impressed,” it’s all here, and we can only expect more noise from Brother Twin this year.


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