Guns N’ Roses Reunion Rumors Return

After weeks of silence, the rumors are flying once again about the possibility of a Guns N’ Roses reunion. Over the holidays, the Guns N’ Roses website background picture changed to the classic GNR logo.GNR Web

This fueled fans to speculate that since the classic logo was posted, it was a hint that the original lineup is reuniting for a 30th anniversary tour in 2016.

To go along with that, the band’s Facebook page changed its background picture to a black and white crowd scene from a past Guns N’ Roses concert.

Fans who chose to spend the Christmas holiday heading to the movie theater were treated to a vague video featuring “Welcome to the Jungle” during previews for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, adding more fuel to whatever Guns N’ Roses has planned.

The rumor mill first started to heat up as fans learned of former GNR bandmates Axl Rose and Slash burying the hatchet after decades of being separated.

There is also the debate between fans when it comes to drummers Steven Adler and Matt Sorum. If GNR brings back only one drummer from the past, which one would fans want to see the most?

Fans are clamoring for the original 1986 Appetite for Destruction lineup to return: Axl Rose (vocals), Slash (lead guitar), Duff McKagan (bass), Izzy Stradlin (rhythm guitar) and Steven Adler (drums). But earlier rumors had current GNR members Richard Fortus (guitar) and Frank Ferrer (drums) joining the core three members — Rose, Slash and McKagan — for the reunion along with Use Your Illusion-era keyboardist Dizzy Reed.

Other newsworthy happenings that help create rumors along the way was McKagan’s wife Susan shouting out, “Guns N’ Roses are back, motherfuckers,” while hanging out at night on the town with Real Housewives reality TV star Brandi Glanville.

Even recently deceased singer Scott Weiland and Nikki Sixx both said in separate interviews that a Guns N’ Roses reunion is imminent.

There is also the rumor that Rose wants to retire after the reunion, as he feels he does not have to vocals to tour anymore.

Don’t be surprised if the tour only has about 30 dates across the United States and a few shows in Europe playing large venues and stadiums.