Violent Femmes to Release New Album in March

The Violent Femmes will release their first full-length studio album in more than 15 years.

We Can Do Anything is slated to drop on March 4, 2016. The band will support the album with an Australian tour starting March 2. According to their website, they will also tour the “US in the New Year” but no U.S. dates have been announced.


Kevin Hearn of the Barenaked Ladies, who toured with the Violent Femmes over the summer, drew the cover art for the album. He also appears on the album, contributing accordion, guitars, keys and backing vocals to several songs.

In 1983, the band released their self-titled debut album to critical success. The album proved to be ahead of its time, though; Violent Femmes is the band’s most successful album to date. It holds the dubious honor of going gold four years after its release, without ever having made an appearance on Billboard’s Top 200 Chart. The album, which contains the notable alt-rock party favorite “Blister in the Sun,” didn’t obtained platinum status until 1991.

In 2009, the band disbanded after a tumultuous lawsuit between founding members bassist Brian Ritchie and lead vocalist and guitarist Gordon Gano over publishing rights and usage of “Blister in the Sun” in a Wendy’s commercial. However, the longtime friends put their difference aside and reunited in 2013 with a performance at Coachella. They have been making stops on the U.S. and Australian music festival circuit ever since.

This past April, the Violent Femmes released a four-song EP titled Happy New Year for Record Store Day. The EP included the single “Love Love Love Love Love.” The tune was recorded in Hobart, Tasmania on New Year’s Eve.

We Can Do Anything is the Violent Femmes’ first full-length studio album since their 2000 release Freak Magnet. The new album contains 10 songs.

We Can Do Anything track list:

  1. “Memory”
    2. “I Could Be Anything”
    3. “Issues”
    4. “Holy Ghost”
    5. “What You Really Mean”
    6. “Foothills”
    7. “Traveling Solves Everything”
    8. “Big Car”
    9. “Untrue Love”
    10. “I’m Not Done”

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