Jimmy Page Confirms 2016 Tour, More Details Coming Later

The former songwriter and guitarist of Led Zeppelin, Jimmy Page, has recently revealed that something is in the works for 2016. It will be the guitarist’s first time on the road in nearly 20 years, aside from a few appearances here and there.

Jimmy Page

Page has been very busy with a massive Led Zeppelin re-issue project which wrapped up this past summer. With that time freed up, his attention is turning to new music and a tour. The soon-to-be 72 year-old said in a 2014 Billboard interview that he doesn’t “have 20-30 years left” in him when asked about recording new music, emphasizing the need to make use of his time to get out and do his own work the way he wants.

The last Led Zeppelin show was the big reunion at the O2 Arena in London, December 2007, which Page had hoped would be just one of a series of shows that never came to fruition. In that same interview he says that he will keep playing Led Zeppelin material but not in the sense of making a tribute band out of the performances.

When Page recently confirmed news of a 2016 tour (though omitting many details which will be released later), he suggests that he will be playing a range of Zeppelin material, though will be presenting something different, complete with some unexpected surprises.

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