Meet Your NYSMusic Staff: Writer Chad Vergine

Chad NYS

Born and raised in Schenectady, NY, Chad Vergine has a deep passion for music. Growing up in the MTV music video area and being exposed to so many different musical genres, helped mold Chad into eventually playing live music and making a living as a DJ. These events in his life also made it easy for him to enjoy live music as well, whether it be Five Finger Death Punch one night and Josh Groban the next.

Chad has been with NYSMusic since the beginning. Chad first started writing upcoming show previews and show reviews for NYSMusic before being added and becoming a huge contributor to the NYSMusic news team.

Chad’s love for the art of mixing dance music help intrigue him to become a mix DJ. Chad has made several exclusive mix CD’s for personal trainer’s and Zumba instructors and can be heard in several different workout classesi n many different fitness clubs. Chad’s early years as a mobile DJ created a love for party planning. Chad has a flare to turn any room into a piece of art.

Chad would also like to venture into the photography side of covering live music. Since he was a child, he would help his grandfather put together slides of many different things from monuments, scenery and air shows. Since Chad has an artsy background, taking pictures in the form of art has him exploring all walks of life.

Chad’s bucketlist of artist he has to see live in concert include Disturbed, P!nk, Adele, Ellie Goulding, Armin van Buuren, Guns N’ Roses (original lineup), Van Halen, Ne-Yo, Linkin Park, Carrie Underwood, Stone Sour and Phil Collins.