Assembly Of Dust Wrap Up 2015 in Buffalo

Asembly Of Dust Waiting RoomAssembly of Dust made their final tour stop here in Buffalo, NY on Sunday, November 22 at the Waiting Room, located in the heart of the Queen City. Having never experienced this group, I did my research before attending the show and I really enjoyed what they were about. Upon arrival I had the pleasure to go backstage for a little bit and have a beer with them. These guys are very chill and down to earth. As they jumped onto the stage and began to play, you could sense the calming atmosphere.

The crowd was singing along to every song and many danced ferociously. The turnout was not as I anticipated but it was quality over quantity that night. They started off their set with “Sideways,” one of their more popular songs as it was sung aloud from the crowd. A song that I also found beautiful was “Serenade Serene.” Front man Reid Genauer wrote that for his wife because she would get bummed when he left for tour. The musical talent in this band is outstanding and the chemistry is undeniable.

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