UPDATE: Papa Roach Will Indeed Enter Recording Studio Feb 1

Update 1/27/2016: Papa Roach and the band’s frontman Jacoby Shaddix have confirmed via social media posts that the band will enter the recording studio and start churning out hits for their ninth studio album starting Feb. 1.

Jacoby Shaddix Tweet

Shaddix also posted a picture in his tweet along with the hashtag #thedeepend. No word as of yet if this is intended to be the upcoming album art and name? It’s possible that “thedeepend” is where Shaddix plans to go lyrically on this album. Anyway, expect something great from the band, as it seems Papa Roach just keeps getting better with each studio album.

Papa Roach is still currently releasing singles off their previous album F.E.A.R. Just last month, the band released the music video for the song “Falling Apart.” F.E.A.R., was released one year ago on Jan. 27, 2015.

Original article:

Papa Roach is showing no signs of slowing down. Blabbermouth reports that Papa Roach plans to head into the recording studio in February and record the band’s followup to their eight studio F.E.A.R. The album itself will most likely be released in early 2017.


While in Germany, guitarist Jerry Horton was interviewed by editor Owais “Vitek” Nabi of Metal Wani. Wani asked Horton if the band planned to incorporate electronics into the upcoming album:

I don’t know if we’ll necessarily keep as much of the electronics. I think we’ll do it where it’s appropriate.But the mindset behind it has been just kind of having overdubs not be guitars, so that it’s kind of a distinct instrument.

We have talked about possibly simplifying stuff for the next album – just making the sound as huge as possible… I mean ‘huge’ in the terms of heaviness, maybe some, maybe just not having so many layers, so that the individual instruments… Making the sound more simplified. 

Horton also touched on when the band hopes to enter the studio:

We have started writing a little bit – just little riffs here and there. As for a possible date for the recording process, I don’t know about actual recording, but we’ll probably start writing in February.

Back in September, Horton stated that Papa Roach’s plans for 2016 were still up in the air, and band members were not ready to commit to anything yet. Horton hinted that the band may do another tour or two and even stated that band  members talked for a while about taking a break.

No word as of yet if the band plans to reunite with father/son producing team Kevin and Kane Churko, who produced the bands last album F.E.A.R.

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