Back to Black: Record Store Day’s Black Friday

Record Store Day is that third Saturday in April when throngs of music fans go out and buy special vinyl releases from independent record stores. It is a push to help these small businesses thrive in a time when large retailers and Internet stores are taking over. In an effort to help out the independent record store on one of the busiest shopping days of the year, Record Store Day is holding a smaller Black Friday event on the day after Thanksgiving, Friday, Nov. 27.

Record Store Day Black Friday

As part of Record Store Day Black Friday, a number of artists are releasing limited-edition, exclusive releases and first-release editions of albums. Judas Priest will mark the 25th anniversary of their Painkiller EP with a 10-inch disc containing the title track and some unreleased songs. A double LP release called A Legend in the Making is a recording of a Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble show recorded at Toronto’s El Mocambo Club on July 20, 1983. Recordings of Jimi Hendrix studio instrumental jams and demos from 1969-70 will be released for the first time as Burning Desire.

Record Store Day’s website has a list of all the artists and releases available that day. The website also has a list of all the participating stores.

The website reminds shoppers:

*Record stores who participate in Record Store Day are all very unique. Stores stock their own shelves, and not all of them will bring in every title. It’s always a good idea to talk with your local store about what you’re looking for, and what they would normally stock.

*Records come on and off release schedules all the time, and our list is no exception. This is a work in progress and changes will be made to the list as we’re made aware of titles that may not make that Black Friday street date, or exciting additions to the list.

*Almost all of these titles are limited in release, and that serves to help make them even more special. But that also means that not all stores will have as many as they’d like to bring in, and that some people who want them may not be able to buy them. It’s not our intention, and it’s not the store’s intention, to be grinchy and keep things from people, but as with everything that’s  limited edition, there simply may not be enough to go around. Please let’s all be grownups when faced with this reality, and when having conversations with the folks behind the counters.

The organizers have also made an FAQ page for those wishing to participate.

Record Store Day is a great time to buy a special gift for the serious music buff. Not only will you find a number of special releases sure to please any lover of music, but you will also be supporting small, local businesses.

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