ANTHRAX Releases ‘Evil Twin’ Lyric Video

Anthrax has released a lyric video for its new song “Evil Twin.” The single comes off the band’s long-anticipated 11th studio album, due out early in 2016 on Megaforce Records.

The thrash-metal track touches some interesting subjects such as political and religious extremism. The track itself denounces the self-righteous religious extremists who spread their bloody terror under a guise of a holy war.

When talking about the new single, drummer Charlie Benante stated:

“We had done a lot of touring with Death Angel and Exodus, so I was in a really thrashy state of mind when I started writing riffs for that song. I think along with Scott’s lyrics and Frank’s melodies, we came up with a really great, old-school thrash metal feel.”

Bassist Frank Bello added:

“It’s a song that begs to be played live.”

Guitarist Scott Ian talked about what helped inspire “Evil Twin”:

“I was really affected by the Charlie Hebdo massacre as I have been with all of the shootings that have taken place at schools and movie theatres. I can’t figure out what would cause someone to think that was the right thing to do. I’ll show the world, I’ll make my God happy. It’s just bull$#!t. I’m not bagging on religion, that’s not my intent, but people who go to that extreme, who feel they have become judge, jury and executioner over their fellow man because you or I don’t believe the same thing they do. I think that’s the ‘Evil Twin’ of humanity. Writing words about that is my only catharsis.”

Anthrax will hit the road with Slayer this fall as the bands tour Europe together.