Fall in Love with Grace Potter and Rayland Baxter at the Landmark Theatre

Though the Landmark Theatre may be a seated venue, when rock n roll vixen Grace Potter strides across the stage Wednesday October 28, most will likely experience the irresistible urge to get up and dance with her. The Vermont-raised rock goddess will be supported by Tennessee native Rayland Baxter as her opening act. Baxter will serve as support for a succession of shows through the end of October and into early November. Having toured briefly through the midwest before hitting Syracuse, they will forge ahead, moving down the east coast before playing their final gig together in South Carolina.

Grace Potter

Potter’s first solo album, Midnight released August 2015, will be featured throughout the show. She will no doubt be sporting her signature Gibson Flying V, beachy blonde locks pawing the air as she turns to the mic delivering a near lethal dose of her sultry venom.

Rayland Baxter

Baxter’s style, billed as alternative country, is void of that pervasive, often artificial and overdone twangy content leaching through the pop country tunes of today. Baxter’s second album Imaginary Man released the same day as Potter’s Midnight, showcases his clean, honest vocals. His songs describe an evocative palette of intimate memories, raw heartache and evolving love, kindling a sincerity well-matched for Potter’s glowing stage presence.

Show starts at 7:30. Get tickets here.

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