Drake White – Artist You Must Check Out for October

Every once in a while I come across acts that capture my attention and make me want to explore them in more depth. One such occurrence recently happened to me and frankly had me driving clear across state to see in person.

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This past June I was watching the Stagecoach Festival on AXS TV, wishing I could be front and center to bring my readers all the highlights, when a newcomer caught my attention. He literally made my head whip around. His voice was demanding of your attention, and his passion projected outward to those both near and far. Not having heard him before I sat affixed to my television wondering who in the world this guy was and when could I see him live. I immediately began social media stalking him, aka ‘Following’ him. No judging you know you all do it. Searching his tour dates, I patiently waited until he scheduled a show close enough for me to drive to. When I found out he was to play at The Buffalo Iron Works, on the calendar it went; in ink. I knew I had to be there to see if this apparition was someone who temporarily enticed me, or if he was the real deal.

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Setting out on the across state drive from Rome to Buffalo, Drake White‘s set was more than I could have imagined and worth every mile I trekked. His forceful presence on stage had an energy that is difficult to explain. I can honestly say I’ve never seen any artist feel their music from their head to their toes like Drake White did. The only example that came to mind was Joe Cocker. Joe Cocker internalized his music as he sang it. White had the same ability of musical osmosis. It was amazing to see, and even more amazing to experience. Throw in the moves of Elvis and honey, you need to pick up your jaw off the floor. After the first song he announced his intention to “punch us in the face,” not literally of course, but take it up a notch or two. I do believe it far exceeded those two notches and continued up and off the charts as he broke into Queen’s “Fat Bottomed Girls”.

White’s live performance is addictive. Once he begins singing and dancing around, you become mesmerized. Once you begin watching, you can’t stop. Hands down may have been one of my most favorite live performances this year. Trust me he’s in great company with Garth Brooks, Imagine Dragons, and Ed Sheeran with his ability to completely impress me.

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Opening the evening was local talent Eric VanHouten setting the mood with this crowd. Eric’s live show features original and cover tunes but also is one amazing interactive show. His audiences love him, as the whole first row surrounding the stage demonstrated by wearing Eric VanHouten t-shirts.

Eric VanHouten - IMG_0463 copy

All in all, the evening was a smashing success, as both artists prove that this is only just the beginning, and their faces will be those long remembered in country music.
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