feerbeerandchicken Returns to Upstate New York

freebeerandchicken will reunite in their old stomping grounds, Albany, for a show on Oct. 30 at Parish Public House, after a nearly three-year hiatus.

Originally hailing from Oswego, the band played primarily in the 1990s before recently regrouping for a private party this September.

A jam band that with a good-time rock-and-roll heart, freebeerandchicken is comprised of: Chris Sullivan (vocals and guitar), Seth Rostan (saxophone), Ken Juhas (bass), Kirk Juhas (keyboard, banjo, harmonica and vocals), and Pat “Skatman” Bayles (drums). While each of these musicians has kept busy in his own right, this will be the first public appearance of the original lineup since their last reunion show in 2013 at the defunct Valentine’s, a Capitol District musical institution.

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