Electric Light Orchestra Rolls Out New Album November 2015

For the first time in more than a decade, Electric Light Orchestra will be back in the new bins of record stores on Nov. 13. The new album, Alone in the Universe, follows the band’s 2001 release Zoom and marks the second reformation in the band’s history.


Electric Light Orchestra first formed in 1970 and first hit commercial success with 1974’s El Dorado, when the album hit Silver certification in the U.K. Not too long after ELO was leading the charts with subsequent albums, subsiding in rank just a bit before their 1986 disbanding.

Jeff Lynne Electric Light Orchestra

After a short-lived 2001-2002 reformation, the creative force behind ELO, Jeff Lynne, brought the band back in 2012 as “Jeff Lynne’s Electric Light Orchestra” alongside ELO founding member Richard Tandy.

Electric Light Orchestra

Across the Universe is a 10-track (12 including bonus tracks) album set to be released on Nov. 13. Check out the single “When I Was A Boy” below, released Sept. 24.


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