Particle and DrFameus will Join Forces at the Westcott Theater

Observers ought to mentally equip themselves to bear the immense weight of the rays of sonic sustenance sure to blast through their ears Wednesday Sept. 23 at the Westcott Theater. Electro-psychedelic jam group Particle will be making a temporary landing in Syracuse along their Accelerator tour, which nearly spans the entire east coast after their first two performances in Colorado.

DrFameus, the one-manned brainchild of Disco Biscuits drummer Allen Aucoin, will serve as the appetizer to Particle’s main course. DrFameus will be accompanying Particle for the entirety of the Accelerator tour, and Aucoin will also be functioning as the drummer for Particle throughout.

Particle, born in 2000 and bred in Los Angeles, constructs intriguing, evocative sounds that build upon each other and often culminate in thrilling, sweat inducing, highly danceable tunes. The band includes Steve Molitz (keyboards/vocals), Ben Combe (guitar/vocals), Clay Parnell (bass/vocals) and Allen Aucoin (drums for Accelerator Tour 2015). They’ll make fans want nothing more than a cold shower after their performance.

Georgia native Aucoin is DrFameus’ multi-trick pony, looping his own beats and drumming furiously along with his trusty laptop perched inches away. Opening for Particle and performing as their drummer is an impressive feat that is sure to test his capabilities and help him reach new heights as a percussionist.

Doors open at 7 pm. show starts at 8 pm. Get tickets here.

Particle will also play in Albany on Oct. 1 at The Hollow Bar + Kitchen on N. Pearl Street.