Phish Riviera Maya Trip Sold Out

Phish’s Riviera Maya trip has sold out just as fast as it went on sale. The trip, with three shows to be held at the Barceló Maya Resort in Mexico on Jan. 15-17, are all gone. Packages went on sale at 10 a.m. today, and the band tweeted out around 3 p.m. that they were all sold out.

There is even an extensive waiting list, so if you’re not on it as you read this, you are most likely not getting in.


Those fans who plan on finding tickets from Stubhub, a ticket scalper or any other secondary market will also be out of luck. Tickets were sold to Phish fans only, and limited to one package purchase with no name transfers allowed.

Jim Gilbert of NYS Music spoke to a CID booking agent about the event. The agent who told Gilbert that the waiting list for the event is pretty long and, although he didn’t have an exact number and even with the possibility of cancelations and payment declines, fans still shouldn’t hold their breath in hoping to land a spot on the list itself. Fans lucky enough to make the list will be contacted in the order that they signed up.

When asked about tickets going on sale in a secondary market, the booking agent told Gilbert that it will be highly doubtful. It was built to be an extremely intimate experience. Packages were sold to fans and limited to one package purchase, so there is no opportunity for any secondary online market or tickets scalper to get any. There is also absolutely no name transfers to also help ensure this from happening.