NYS Music: A Milestone and Beyond

September marks six months of NYS Music! On March 1, we took the step to create an online music magazine of our own vision, bringing together collaborators both new and old. NYS Music now has more than 90 staff and contributors statewide and beyond, and we have established ourselves as the #1 source for news for all genres of music across New York State and beyond our borders.

This site is truly a team effort and the progress over the past six months would not have been possible without the collaborative efforts of owners Jim Gilbert, Pete Mason and Kathy Stockbridge, coordinating and recruiting top-notch photographers and writers to bring our readers the best in the music industry throughout the state and Northeast.

Under the guidance of the editorial staff of Jess Collier, Neil Benjamin Jr., Kristen Mack-Perry, Darren Kemp and Stu Kelly your articles are edited and scheduled as well as shared through social media outlets to bring readers the best possible stories in music throughout the state.

Credit must be given to the writers and photographers who work together to cover and produce a wide array of content, as they bring our readers musical acts both emerging and established. New York State has more great music than ANY other and we have shown that through our coverage of every corner of the state. NYS Music seeks to highlight the individual writer and photographer, give them an audience and help them hone their craft in their home surroundings and beyond.

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We are NYS Music – we highlight the arts and music that resides in New York State, the venues, the towns and the music that grows from here. There are too many bands to count who call New York their home, whether in New York City, Albany, Cortland, Lake Placid, Buffalo and elsewhere around state. The rich musical history of New York State is highlighted and celebrated, whether it dates back to the turn of the 20th century or is being written right now, only waiting to be discovered. We want to discover and introduce to a wider audience the bands of tomorrow when they are still nascent and just starting out, growing, expanding and reaching critical mass. Following bands and musicians from undersold club to packed arenas and sharing the story and photos of their growth is what we seek to bring to our audience.

Although we are NYS Music, featuring the best local acts, venues, and music around, we have found our audience expanding throughout the Northeast.  You will see our focus on New York State, however our growth does not have limitations as music spans borders and we find ourselves following the music where it leads us.

We are NYS Music and we bring the best of New York to the country and the best national acts to New York.