Santana’s Jazz Based Supernova Project

Guitar legend Carlos Santana is showing no signs of slowing down in 2015.

With his Santana IV project all about wrapped up — which reunites the original 71-72 lineup for a new album and tour — Santana has also announced plans for a jazz-fusion based band titled Supernova.

Carlos Santana - Turning Stone Event Center
Carlos Santana – Turning Stone Event Center

Labeled as a supergroup, Supernova will consist of Carlos, his wife and drummer Cindy Blackman, Herbie Hancock on keyboards, Wayne Shorter on saxophone and guitarist John McLaughlin.

When talking about the upcoming Supernova project, Santana states:

“Can you hear it? It’s kind of like playing with, sharing music with Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking, ’cause Wayne and Herbie, they’re at that level of genius, genius, genius, genius. I’m just grateful that they accept it and want to do it. And every time I play with Cindy, it goes viral. People go crazy. The energy between Cindy and I is very, very supernova.”

Santana on Supernova timeframe:

“Definitely spring recording and summer touring in Europe and maybe America.”

Santana on whether his American fan base will accept Supernova:

“America is still into ‘Tutti Frutti’ and that kind of stuff. There’s a side of America that’s not really evolved with John Coltrane and Miles [Davis]. They’re, with all respect, hung up on Kenny G and people sounding like that — with all respect to [G]. But that’s not Coltrane and never will be Coltrane, so I don’t know if people will really be into what [Supernova] will bring.”

Santana on his music projects:

“This is fun. It’s not work. It’s not a labor. It’s a joy to do all these things and show up and be there. And everyday I’m grateful because I open the faucet and the water comes out and the water is pure. I can drink it, I can brush my teeth, comb my hair, wash my body. I have a real thirst for adventure, so I’m offering gratitude for having energy, having innocence and curiosity to keep finding these new things to do.”

Santana also hopes to record an album in the near future with Ronald Isley and Sly & The Family Stone bassist Larry Graham.


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