UPDATED: Phish’s Magnaball Sold Out

UPDATED: 08/15/2015

According to ticketing sites, Phish’s 2015 Magnaball Festival at Watkins Glen is completely sold out. While we can’t confirm, what we heard is the cap was set at 50,000 Phishheads. If you have no ticket yet, we recommend watching our partner cashortrade.org. See you at the Glen!

UPDATED: 08/15/2015

Festival organizers are promoting volunteer opportunities that will give workers entrance into the festival in exchange for some help around the grounds. Work Exchange Program participants have to work a minimum of 18 hours, and the work is in a variety of areas:

“WETs perform a variety of tasks to assist in the festival’s success. Departments include: VIP, Parking, Art, Merchandise Sales, Ice and Water, and pretty much anything that might pop up at a festival!”

Clean Vibes volunteers clean the grounds and help with recycling.

Original Content

Organizers for next weekend’s Phish festival, Magnaball, alerted potential attendees earlier this evening that tickets were running low and the event is expected to sell out in advance. Tickets will not be sold on site at the festival and anyone trying to get in without a ticket will be turned away, according to the Tweets.

If Magnaball sells out, it will be Phish’s first festival since the band reunited in 2009 to reach capacity.

The news came through a series of three tweets from the @phishmagnaball Twitter account.

Phish’s 10th festival will take place Friday, Aug. 21 through Sunday, Aug. 24 at Watkins Glen International in Watkins Glen, the same location as the band’s last festival, Super Ball.