Update: Skillet announces new album, releases single

Update 05/21/2016: Panheads, we have an album release date. After posting an updated band picture on social media, with each band member sporting new versions of themselves, Christian rockers Skillet announced they will release their ninth studio album, titled Unleashed, on Aug. 5.

Fans can pre-order the album through various online media retailers. Your pre-order will give you an instant download of the lead single off the album “Feel Invisible.” You can hear the new single on Skillet’s Spotify account.

Skillet Unleashed

Original article:

It’s rumored that Christian hard-rockers Skillet will hit the recording studio sometime in late September, although some say the band already has been In the recording studio since June. This will mark the ninth studio album for the band, and will follow-up Skillet’s 2013 concept album Rise.

Skillet John Cooper

In February, Billboard interviewed frontman John Cooper. Cooper stated, “We’re planning on recording this summer. June will mark two years for Rise, and I would like to be releasing a record this year. So we’re working toward that goal, and even if we don’t we’ll release it early next year.”

When talking about writing the new album, Cooper also stated, “I haven’t been this excited about writing a record in, like, seven years or eight years, and it’s just been kind of a joyous time, actually. I’ve been signing autographs on the tour and meeting tons of people, and when I meet people like that it inspires me to write and I’m feeling inspired and just excited to still be making music and hopefully write songs that people can relate to and can make them feel better about themselves or help them through hard times.”


With between 15-18 songs already written for the album as of March of this year, Cooper also stated, “We’re probably only halfway there.” Band members wrote more than 60 songs before heading into the studio to record their previous album.

The band is also bringing back producer Brian Howes, who produced the band’s Comatose album, and remained close friends with Cooper through the years.

As of right now, the band has less than 20 shows booked for the rest of the calendar year, with a huge gap between shows from Oct. 25 through Jan. 24, 2016.

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