Limited number of Fare Thee Well box sets will be sold

The Grateful Dead will sell a limited run of DVDs and CDs with the entirety of the band’s three upcoming Chicago Fare Thee Well 50th anniversary reunion shows.

Available now for pre-order on the band’s website, the box set will include full audio and high-definition video of all three shows, plus an exclusive bonus disc with behind-the-scenes footage.

The band will sell 20,000 individually numbered copies of the box set, with 12 CDs and seven DVDs for $174.98 or 12 CDs and seven Blu-ray discs for $189.98.


They will also sell a CD and DVD set of full audio and high-def video from just the final Fare Thee Well Show on July 5 ($54.98 for four CDs and two DVDs or $59.98 for four CDs and two Blu-rays), and a Best of Fare Thee Well CD with audio highlights from all three shows for $20.

All albums with Fare Thee Well content are set to release Nov. 20.


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