Are The Dead Planning More Shows?

With the overwhelming amount of requests for GD50 tickets and a Shakedown Street full of Deadheads left out in the cold – rumors abound that the core four plus more may be considering Truckin’ around the country for a few additional shows. If so, given their birthplace, San Francisco seems a likely destination. But could there be more? Perhaps an East Coast date or two? Randall’s Island has become a popular music spot in NYC and would fit a ton of grilled cheese making mamas.



Of course – with any rumors questions will arise: Will these potential shows have the same sort of ticket debacle as the Fare Thee Well shows? (Check out Sarah Bourque’s editorial on that here.) And hell man, who’s going to play guitar? Is this why Phish seems to be taking longer than a 1997/11/29 Runaway Jim to be releasing their own summer plans this year? The sources say any extra shows will be held prior to the July Fourth weekend shows, but who knows what could come down with millions and millions of dollars at play.

We all want to know. Stay tuned – we’ll keep you in the know.

H/T Billboard