Meet Your NYSMusic Staff: Writer Steven Ransiear

stevenSteven Ransiear grew up right outside of Syracuse and has been invested deep into music for as long as he can remember. Growing up with a father involved in the radio business, Steve was immersed in a variety of music that developed into a broad taste of music across all genres. Growing up in the Syracuse hardcore scene, he spent almost all of his teen years going to shows as often as possible whether they were in a run down VFW or community center or huge arenas.

Steve also played drums in numerous bands over the years and although he has since given up the dream of getting a stable band going he still produces his own solo music. And while music has always been his biggest passion, writing is a close second. With a degree in literature he has split his writing time between fiction and non-fiction having worked a stint as a sportswriter as well as a doomed to be in a constant state of self-editing a novel.

Steve has a deep addiction to collecting records and has been known to scour flea markets and used vinyl shops to find hidden gems. His collection not only has some rare and hard to find vinyl releases but also some tough to track down local releases.

While he has seen a lot of his favorite bands live, a few still remain on his to-do list (despite way too many of them having played shows in the area) like Slayer, Metallica, and Dropkick Murphys.