Buffalo Iron Works and Spun Out Fire Productions Team up for an Unique Event Twice a Month

Sometimes winter can be very grueling in the country, especially throughout the Western New York area. One thing that tends to take the sting out of a very doom and gloomy time of year, is music fans coming together and taking their minds off the weather. Buffalo Iron Works and Spun Out Fire Productions are trying to accomplish that with a new set of events that will take place twice a month on Wednesday nights.

Spun Out Fire Productions is no stranger to the music scene as they can be seen every summer at music festivals. They have been part of the Great Blue Heron Music Festival as well as Night Lights Music Festival in the Western NY area,as well as many festivals throughout the country. The outfit produces some great visuals through fire dancing and light dancing through various props and equipment keeping a lot of people entertained throughout the night. Adding this to a music venue seems like the perfect marriage and will make things very interesting on Wednesday nights for this ongoing event. The new event being called, Spun Out-Jam Out parties, will team up Spun Out Fire Productions with some live music, bands and/or DJ’s. The event will bring people of all ages a safe place to dance and share ideas with each other.

The first SO-JO party will take place on Wednesday, December 10 at 5pm. There is a $6.00 donation at the door for the artists and if you bring a prop your donation will cut in half.

December 10 2014:
5pm-7pm happy hours 2 hrs of specials on FOOD N DRINK
530-7 – The Fortunate Hobos
730-9 – Dead Alliance of Buffalo
915-1015 – DJ Chucks
1030-1230 – DJ Ƨtonez
1230-1am – closing SPUN OUT-JAM OUT FLOWSHOP


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