Ray LaMontagne Lulls at Red Rocks in Morrison, Colorado

Joined by opening act, The Bell Brigade, folk rocker Ray LaMontagne settled into a comfortable and soothing show at Red Rocks Amphitheater on August 7th.  The house was packed but from the mellow tone you wouldn’t know it. Subdued but satisfied, the sold out crowd sat attentively allowing LaMontagne’s voice to lull them.Kelli_Marsh_Ray_LaMontagne-1017

With nearly half of the set coming from his most recent album, Supernova, the concert was balanced with old and new. LaMontagne’s unmistakable raspy voice washed over the crowd like water combing over sand. The chill vibe was briefly broken when LaMontagne brought in some energy with “Repo Man”.  He mixed in some fan favorites such as, “Jolene”. and “Trouble”, during which he broke into the tune, “Stand By Me”, to the crowds delight.

LaMontagne spoke to the Colorado crowd briefly saying, “Twelve years ago people thought I’d be a flash in the pan. That’s bullshit!”.  He continued, “Love me or hate me, I ain’t going anywhere.”

"Caverns", limited edition silkscreen poster for the Ray LaMontagne show at Red Rocks.
“Caverns”, limited edition silkscreen poster for the Ray LaMontagne show at Red Rocks, by James R. Eads.

Setlist:  Lavender, She’s the One, For the Summer, Pick Up a Gun, Supernova, Airwaves, Ojai, Repo Man, Smashing, Burn, Trouble (with Stand By Me), Jolene, Like Rock & Roll and Radio, Meg White, Julia, God Willin’ and the Creek Don’t Rise

Encore:  Hey Me, Hey Mama, Drive-In Movies

Encore 2:  Shelter

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