Brick By Brick Release New Music Video

Brick By Brick, the one-two punch of metal and hardcore hailing from Troy, NY, are primed to release their brand new music video. I talked briefly with guitarist Mike Valente, who is also the vice president of Upstate Black and Blue Productions and the owner of Bogies, a staple music venue in Albany. Mike told that the video was for a brand new song, “Suffer in Silence”, which will be released on a full length CD in 2015. “The CD has been delayed due to reasons that will be made public in September,” Mike went on. “It is exciting news for us and I am sure everyone will be stoked.”

Photo by Jim 'JT' Gilbert
Photo by Jim ‘JT’ Gilbert

I asked him a little bit about what we can expect from the video, and he replied, “We wanted to have fun with this video. We wanted people to see a side of Brick By Brick that was different from the ‘tough guy’ image that is usually associated with metal and hardcore.” The song, which on it’s own has a more darker tone to it, is showcased in a lighter way with this video, which is refreshing and fun.

Joe Keyser, the bassist of famed death metal act Skinless, shot and directed the video, as he has done with all of Brick By Brick’s videos to date. Joe and Mike have been friends for the better part of a decade, back to when Mike employed Joe at his old bar, The Hudson Duster. “He doesn’t do a lot of video work, it’s more of a hobby for him. But, he is always willing to help with ideas and try new stuff, so we naturally gravitate towards him.”

After quite a long shoot, the band and Joe took the massive amount of footage and edited it down, with Mike saying the video could have been a thirty minute film if they didn’t commit to editing. “We had such a blast, and got a lot of friends involved as well. There are no ‘hired’ actors in this video, everyone is personally known and volunteered their time. The process was fun and we made it to put a smile on people’s faces. I know that while we were editing, I was laughing consistently throughout.”

Released on YouTube, the band looks to have this video help them promote their music. “I love watching [music] videos,” Mike admitted. “Especially of up and coming bands. It gives you a personal feel of how the band is feeling at that moment, and it brings you closer to [the band and their music].” Both Mike and I agree that videos are still a needed tool in the industry to help promote your music. Brick By Brick hopes that everyone will enjoy their latest video, and have as much fun watching their “Looney Tunes meets Three Stooges” video as they did in making it. Keep your ear to the ground for the good news coming from the band in September, and their upcoming shows with Madball and a ton of other great bands on Tsunami Fest in Reading, PA.

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