Sarah McLachlan plays intimate show at SPAC

The weather couldn’t have been more perfect in Saratoga Springs last Wednesday as Lilith Fair founder and Animal Rights activist, Sarah McLachlan, took the stage at SPAC.  The pavilion-only show was heads up against a Justin Timberlake concert the same evening in Albany, but dedicated McLachlan fans came out to fill about 80% of the 5000 seat amphitheater.  The energy was positive and many concert goers came with their partner and love was in the fair.

Photo by Jim 'JT' Gilbert
Photo by Jim ‘JT’ Gilbert

McLachlan played two sets and an encore that covered the span of her career, hitting all the fan favorites along the way.  She also took time to answer questions from the audience (they put it in a hat by the merch table).  The concert was also unique with a couch and other things from McLachlan’s home living room giving it the more intimate feel that she was going for.  The couch played host to different sets of fans that won a social media contest.  A truly front row seat, on stage with a legend.

While there are less and less shows that play host to a single act, when you have a 26-year career, such as McLachlan, it is undeniably possible. The night was magical and the smiles on the audience’s faces as they head out to their cars to face their own realities were evident that Sarah’s mission to invite her fans into her home, her living room, her world was a huge success.

Photo by Jim 'JT' Gilbert
Photo by Jim ‘JT’ Gilbert

Set 1:
Flesh and Blood, Building a Mystery, In Your Shoes, Adia, Answer, Broken Heart, Fallen, World on Fire, Loving You Is Easy, Monsters, Stupid

Set 2:
Song for My Father, I Will Remember You, Brink of Destruction, Hold On, Love Beside Me, Fear, Witness, Fumbling Towards Ecstasy, Sweet Surrender, Possession

Angel, Beautiful Girl, Ice Cream, The Sound That Love Makes