Bogies Starts Crowdfunding Campaign

Bogies executive, and Albany scene heavyweight, Mike Valente recently put out a call for donations to the renowned club for what he calls a “facelift.” The proprieter is seeking help in the tune of $10,000 to cover overdue upkeep costs and miscellaneous upgrades.

Specifically, Valente noted that the money would cover a leaking roof, bad floors, and general “rejuvenation.” And as any band who has played there knows, new mic stands would be great.

An account was established at to administer donations.

The 30-year old-club has gone into decline, and as Valente wrote, “there are some costs and expenses that go beyond our reach.” He further explained that he has never seen a profit off of the shows put on at the club — even those that have featured renowned talents as Black Flag and Born of Osiris. All money goes into expenses such as staffing — who have donated time before because of their love of the music over the tight finances, add Valente.

As such, the financial woes have clipped advertising for shows.

Located on Albany’s Ontario Street, Bogies is one of the most important venues in the scene, especially for up – and – coming bands. To keep it running, is a necessity.

Within the first 24 hours, $890 was raised by 29 donors.  Anyone wishing to donate to the cause can do so here, either publicly or anonymously:

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