Big Bad Voodoo Daddy to Rattle Them Bones Jan 15th


It’s been 20 years since Big Bad Voodoo Daddy came on the scene with a splash.  In the midst of grunges blossoming years, BBVD got people to jump, shout and dance.  Swing music was alive and well and not just in the “Mask” movies.  BBVD got serious radio play in the 90’s and are coming to Central New York to jump and jive at Turning Stone Casino.

In 2013 the band took on the work of legendary Cab Calloway, band leader Scotty Morris has called that experience “The greatest musical education possible, and one that again solidified the brotherhood of the band.”  The focus was swing’s hey day of the 1930’s and 40’s but carries on experiences of BBVD and making music for the past twenty years.  “The goal with every album is to take the listener on a unique journey and the process this time involved choosing from my originals and a handful of covers we thought would fit the spirit of where the project seemed headed…  It was clear this time that we werenʼt going to be limited to a single decade or vibe. We feel like we left Cab and started thinking about Don Draper and Mark Twain and along the way some fascinating ideas emerged that turned Rattle Them Bones into a real celebration of the landscape of American music we love so much.”

While Big Bad Voodoo Daddy has sold millions of albums, the stage has always been the bandʼs first home. “We make records because we have to, but play live because we love to,” says Morris.  Americana Deluxe was really the first album to capture what we were doing live and we strive to capture the energy and excitement of the live show in all our recordings. Itʼs amazing how the chemistry in this band still works after so many years. Whether on stage or traveling down the road on the bus, everyone is hanging out together, laughing and enjoying being part of such a remarkable enterprise and enduring friendship — one that is so rare in this business.”

Catch Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Wednesday January 15th at Turning Stone Casino’s Showroom.  Show starts at 8 and there are room packages available.

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