Devil Horns and Rosa Parks: Your world in Twitter

Friends don’t let friends do this



Canadian punk rockers, Simple Plan paid a visit to Citytv Toronto’s Breakfast Television show, of which Dina Pugliese (second from the left) is a host.  Pugliese posed with the band for a obligatory snap shot for Twitter, and proceeded to show us all the incorrect way to do the horns.  She’s cute, so we can let it slide.

Dina Pugliese, 39, is also the presenter for Canada’s Got Talent, the Canadian version of the hit international franchise.


Hacker’s got taste



The Jester is probably the most interesting man you have never met.

“I don’t always listen to Metallica,” he stated on his Twitter account over the weekend, “but when I do, nothing else matters.”

We’ll be running a story on the patriot hacktivist in the coming weeks.  His Twitter account is an entertaining read, that rarely leaves you with anything for you to understand.  Just, that the man is up to something, and you hunger to find out for more.  Occasionally, he’ll leave links to music videos, like the one above.  He’s referenced Metallica and Guns ‘n’ Roses most recently, showing the man has good taste in music.


Is Flea’s tuning out?


Red Hot Chilli Pepper’s bassist, Flea, announced he came to an ephifany this past Sunday.

He refers to “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” author, Ken Kesey.  Kesey has connections with upstate New York, in only that his friend Timothy Leary and friends would spend recreational time in Millbrook, NY in Dutchess County.  Though this was nearly 50 years ago, locals still talk about Leary’s “Acid Tests” and parties that roused the interests of local authorities.

Kesey was known to attend these parties.  It’s reported that Kesey wrote “Cuckoo’s Nest” after his experience with LSD, and working at a mental health ward in California.

The Red Hot Chilli Peppers concluded their I’m With You tour this past April, and a tentatively scheduled to start working on their latest album early next year.


Best recognize Ms. Parks



Machine Head lead vocalist, Robb Flynn retweeted a contribution for history author and New York Times contributing columnist Michael Beschloss.

This past Sunday marked the 58th anniversary of Rosa Parks arrest in Montgomery, AL for refusing to relinquish her seat on a public bus for a white person.

Ms. Parks is reported to have said she refused to move, only because her feet ached from a hard day’s work.  However, her moment of protest turned into a watershed moment for the Civil Rights movement, and brought a young Southern preacher by the name of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. into the nation’s public eye.

You ask, what does this have to do with metal? I ask, how does it not?  When was the last time you stood up (or sat down) against injustice?  What’s more metal than revolting against the status quo?

Dee Snider goes to 7/11, just like you


Thanksgiving brought to light, for some 7/11 shoppers, that famous hard rockers have to answer to a higher calling, just like all men.

Their wives.

So, on the early morning of Thanksgiving, some shoppers took notice of a certain Twisted Sister standing in line.  What transpired next, is noted above on Dee Snider’s Twitter feed.