Tread Softly Where Twitter Trolls Dwell

Lamb of God and Trolls

Lamb of God guitarist, Mark Morton, is no stranger to trolls. (Photo by Matthias ‘mattness’ Bauer/

Mark Morton has earned his stripes in the heavy metal world as guitarist for Lamb of God, and is ever present on Twitter, providing his insights and most of all, responding to his fans.

However, opening oneself to that kind of exposure on the Internet certainly lends opportunity to the occasional troll, as Morton learned this past Saturday.

Tony Myler, who identifies himself as a musician in Ireland, asked Morton whether or not there will come a time where he will just up and quit.

What transpired next was an entertaining exchange.  Mind you, we don’t condone trolling.  But, Morton’s candor was something worth taking note.  It touches upon the relationship between artist and fan.  Unfortunately, there is a sense of entitlement that is often embraced by devoted fans who buy music, and attend shows – some rather religiously.  However, Morton reminds us all that the musicians we all tend to idolize have put in a great deal of hard work and sacrifice to earn the accolades we only see.  Do musicians owe anything to their fans?  In this season of thanksgiving, one can say that most would be quick to show gratitude (and that’s not to say Morton lacks that at all).  But, above anything else, rockers like Morton are doing their job.  Fan can admire them for their music, but should also keep in mind that most of them did not have their success fall upon their laps.  It wasn’t the fan who provided them anything.  Hard work and dedication is the backbone to everyone’s success, and that’s something to take home if you aspire to do the same.

However, I have to say, “You’re a special snowflake,” is worthy of a tee-shirt. It has such character and it leaves you to wonder whether or not the you’re being complimented or insulted. Either way, you have to smile (and borrow).

Below is a “transcript” of what went down.














Paramore reaching accolades

Paramore’s Hayley Williams took a moment to stop and smell the roses on Saturday, only to take notice of how well her band’s latest CD has done.


The rockers out of Tennessee released their self-title album this past April.  “Still in to You” was released as the second single off of said album, and it is inching ever so closely to 1 million copies sold.

Williams took the moment to show her gratitude (there’s that word again).

Their latest is their fourth studio album and the band is currently on tour. 

Idol pays respects to Pearl Jam

British punk rocker, Billy Idol is the very definition of cool – That’s actually not editorialized, it’s simply fact.

Saturday night, Idol apparently took time away from dancing with himself to take in a Pearl Jam concert, and took to the Interwebs afterwards.


Pearl Jam is currently on tour to promote their latest release Lightning Bolt.  We had the opportunity to review Lightning Bolt back in October.  If you haven’t bought the CD yet, you’re punishing yourself for no reason.