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Prior to last week’s close of Download 2014 announcements, it was confirmed that Dying Fetus was added to the billboard of acts.

The veteran group last released their seventh studio album, Reign Supreme, last year.

Based on their tweet above, the band appears anxious to being their “death antics” across the pond to England next year.

Originally from Upper Marlboro, Maryland, the death metal band formed in high school in 1991. Various line-up changes throughout the years have left John Gallagher the remaining original member.

According to Gallagher, the band name was chosen while the members were of adolescent ages and was intended to be offensive.

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September Sky is a hard rocking group out of Indianapolis, Indiana, and is currently touring the Mid-west promoting their second EP, Letter to Fear.

The boys appear hard at work, pushing their sound out to all across the Internet. The tweet above references a moving video for a track off their latest called, “The Fight.” It touches upon the subject of suicide, and falls in line with the band’s characteristic of providing emotion and power behind their lyrics.

Speaking with the band, they did not have any dates established for our area, but did ask us to stay tuned.

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After the release of Downward Spiral, and his subsequent performance in Woodstock ’93, Trent Reznor was appointed the title of The Voice of Generation X. At the time, one would never dream a song such as “Closer” breaking the Top 40 airwaves, but demand certainly dictated.

Nevertheless, it is difficult to fathom the notion that Nine Inch Nails never performed on broadcast television, until this past Thursday on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

NIN performed “Came Back Haunted” and “All Time Low,” off of their latest album, Hesitation Marks, which came out in August. It’s the band’s first album since The Slip in 2008.

Reznor’s act is on the last stretch of a tour that finishes in Calgary, Alberta, on November 25th.

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Canadian rockers In My Coma lend a hint as to what happened when they crossed the Canadian-US boarder recently.

As one who graduated from SUNY Plattsburgh, I am all too familiar with stories of friends visiting the duty free shop to purchase beers, only to find the adventure crossing back into the states. Seems Jasper James and crew were handed with an eephus pitch of a question, only to find out what happens when you whiff!

“We were asked lots and lots of questions,” they said.

In My Coma released their first album, Magnets and Miracles, independently back in 2011 and according to their Facebook account t, they continue to be without a label.

They are a three-piece, alternative band who lists Tool, A Perfect Circle, Radiohead, Alice and Chains and The Smiths among their influences. They cover dark subjects about death and fear, but intermingle hope and human potential into their work.

I first heard of these guys last month from a personal tweet from frontman Jasper James. He’s hard at work getting their names out there. It’s surprising to see that they are still independent. James’ clean delivery of well written lyrics, accompanied proficiently by Laura Doll on bass and Mike Patterson on drums has made this group popular north of the boarder.

Last September they were named Indie Band of the Month by 102.1 The Edge in Toronto. They were later nominated for Best Alternative Rock Band at the 2012 Toronto Independent Music Awards and two months later they opened for SUM 41.

Speaking with James, the group is working on a follow-up to their debut album, and are hopeful to make it down our way once it is released.

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