Badgers, smoke and vagi.. hey hey!

Observations off the Twitter-verse

Going over the Twitter feed this morning, could help but notice the news that Neil Young will soon be releasing the recording of a live concert from 1970.  The news certainly shot me back to childhood memories of running my Matchbox cars over the shag carpeting of our living room, as my father spent a lazy afternoon listening to “Rust Never Sleeps.” It almost seems fitting to read of this news with the recent release of Pearl Jam’s latest.  By now, Young’s influence upon PJ is no secret (and, how ashamed I was for only just recognizing the connection between Young’s “Helpless” to PJ’s “Yellow Moon”). Nonetheless, there are some who consider Young and Crazy Horse to be the pioneer performers behind the heavy, reverb guitar that became a signature sound in grunge, embraced by PJ, Tool and Soundgarden. You can hear this for yourself by pulling up “Hey Hey, My My,” released in 1979.

Highlander + Stars + Badgers = May

Dr. Brian May is one of the coolest cats on the planet, and that’s not up for debate.  He was most visible as the guitarist for Queen, and is also responsible for writing some of the best songs to come from the band (see also, Highlander). Add to his musical talents the fact that he’s an astrophysicist (earning his PhD in 2007), and you have the makings of one, facinating dinner conversation.  Dr. May, an animal activist as well, stepped onto his self-described soapbox this week on Twitter, to continue his campaign against England’s culling of badgers.

China’s econmy based on smoke and more smoke

Speaking of science, it’s hard to believe that something like this could happen in the 21st century.  But, than again, this goes to show you why we’re facing global warming.

Motorhead’s “Aftershock” is out tomorrow

Motorhead’s newest, “Aftershock” doesn’t come out until tomorrow, but that hasn’t stopped their faithful from inundating them with praise.  In return, the band is shamelessly retweeting their comments out to the world, and blowing up my Twitter feed.

Diamond Dave is too cool for school

And, in case you needed a reminder, David Lee Roth is cooler than you.


 He need not follow you, or anyone.  (And, what exactly is he saying about Van Halen?!)