Hey Man, Nice Comeback: 1990’s Alt-Rock Legends Filter Release New Album and Rage Montage Music Hall

“That guy, you see that guy? He gets it. He knows how to support live music”, said Filter front man Richard Patrick as he was pointing right at me. “And wearing a Tool shirt,  that band is awesome!”. People are slapping me on the back and handing out high fives. I give him the double metal sign back and the band blasts into another song.


Much of Filter’s June 18th show at Rochester’s Montage Music Hall went like this. As a more than 20 year vet on the national touring scene, Mr. Patrick certainly knows how to successfully work an audience. The band delivered an exceptional set full of energy, including classics like “Take a Picture”, “Do You (Trip Like I Do)”, and “Zero”, each of which were mixed in with enough deep cuts to make even the most jaded Filter vet (if such a thing could exist) ecstatic. Towards the end of their set the band delivered an angst-filled take on The Turtles classic “Happy Together”. After the song, front man Richard Patrick exclaimed they had never played that before and that we had all ‘made history together.’ This was a fantastic performance by adept performers that have managed against all odds to stay fully on top of their game. Syracuse’s Without Regret and Rochester’s Ghostfeeder opened the show with high energy performances of their own.


Filter is touring in support of their new album The Sun Comes Out Tonight. Released June 4th, the disc blazes through 12 songs in under 50 minutes. The disc opens with the headbanging track “We Hate it When You Get What You Wanted”, an obvious and excellent nod to those with envy issues. The rock keeps flowing through the following track and lead single “What Do You Say”. The lighter side of Filter is apparent with the family oriented “Surprise” and drug-haze-aftermath ode “Watch the Sun Come Out Tonight”. The entire album does an excellent job at merging the tapestry of Filter’s 20 year career of playing with different genres into one cohesive unit. Present are the full steam ahead headbangers, the introspective dark-edged softer tracks and forays into electronica influenced rock. The album ends with a twosome of songs, “It’s My Time” and “It’s Just You”, both of which invoke a non-copycat similarity to mega-hit “Take a Picture”. An excellent offering by seasoned veterans. Twenty years later, Filter has still got it. Check them out on the Summerland Tour throughout July.

Key Tracks: What Do You Say, Come Watch The Sun Come Out Tonight, Take That Knife Out of My Back

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