Twitter’s New Music App.


Twitter plans to roll out a new music discovery app later this month, tweeting tests have been underway for weeks now using the hashtag #nowplaying by We Are Hunted.

The folks at We Are Hunted, a San Francisco based music discovery service were unavailable for comment but according to Cnet Twitter acquired the service some time in the past 6 months.

Twitter Music said to be released on iOS later this month will carry the Twitter branding and offer personalized music recommendations; all with the sleekness and ease we have come to expect from Apple. The app also offers non-tweeters an opportunity to sign-up for the service which could help boost new users to Twitter.

This move clearly acknowledges the important role music plays in bringing the masses together. For some time now the social media sites have recognized the need for integration between music and peoples lives. FaceBook recently made changes to their newsfeed to include a music section. The new Myspace offers band pages with built in music players. While Spotify and Pandora offer free or paid music with simplicity.

What this means:
Twitter is entering this game a bit late in my opinion. The number of users needed to make a difference in this already strong marketplace will be large. Going up against Spotify and Pandora is hard to picture, especially with the buzz of Google offering its own subscription music service. Will the Twitter app offer offline music storage? Will there be free and paid subscriptions? How watered down and pumped full of ads will a free version bring?

As with all anticipated apps to come we will have to wait and see what Twitter has to offer fans and artists alike. Although this may be a new venture for Twitter, it seems if they didn’t go in this direction sooner or later their service may become less useful in a world where music is the air that so many of us need to live.

What are your thoughts? Would you use the Twitter app? or are you fully satisfied with your music subscription services already? I’d like to hear what you have to say, ¬†post comments below.