Fedde Le Grand Stops at The Westcott Theater March 4th on his Road To Ultra Tour

Unlike other DJ’s whose stage presence can be drowned out by elaborate light shows and decorated dancers, DJ Fedde Le Grand owned his spot on stage Monday at The Westcott Theater behind the DJ table. All ravers eyes were on him.

IMG_4888Fedde is one of the few “real deal” DJ’s in the scene today and if you can’t  already tell by the refined production techniques in his original tracks, it is made obvious by the amount of hardcore ravers that attend his shows. To the left and right, rave culture was blossoming at The Westcott Theater. If you weren’t rocking plush booties, a fuzzy hat, glowing pacifier or any neon kandi (beaded bracelets), you may have felt like a noob.  Fans put on their own light shows for friends with glowing gloves while others showed off their shuffling dance skills, things you just don’t see at lame raves. After a hyped up set from the talented DJ’s Sultan + Ned Shepard, Fedde casually jumped on his equipment and rocked the house. Sultan + Ned introduced Fedde by playing his new banger “Long Way From Home”. Fedde then kept the energy flowing with an amazing electro remix of “Thrift Shop” by Mackelmore + Ryan Lewis which had an epic drop after the lyrics “Damn, that’s a cold ass Honkey”. After, all arms beat the beat up in the air when he dropped a remix of the infamous track “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes. Later in the set he mixed tracks:  “Bong” by Deniz Koyu and “Sending My Love (Afrojack Edit)”  by R3hab & Swanky Tunes as well as some of his own dance floor killers such as “Put Your Hands Up For Detroit”   just to name a few. It was easy to see why Fedde is one of the biggest Dj’s in the world.

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