Quick Glance: Adam Manion

In my last review, I covered a veteran band in the area. This time, I’m writing about a fresh young face in the local music scene, and stressing the importance of our upcoming artists as well. 15-year-old Adam Manion is a guitarist for the Tom Bateson Band (who I previously reviewed), but has his own material and is eager to show off what he can do on his own. Adam has an album out that he recorded himself. That’s right, he played the guitar, bass, drums, and sang all by himself. I cannot begin to describe how much I respect musicians that can write and record a whole album by themselves, because if you’re going to make a solo record, that is the only way it can ever be a true solo record. Everything about his songs shows off his thinking process, and how he feels what he has written and plays what he feels. The two singles he has up on YouTube, “The Mind of Who I Used to Be” and “Runaway” are very different, and show off his versatility as a songwriter and an artist. His sound seems to reflect heavy influences of Blink-182 (especially in the vocals) and modern rock bands like 3 Doors Down.

To be honest, the vocals are fairly lacking, and do sound like a Tom Delonge impersonation. That would be my only real criticism for him, and he’s young, so he has plenty of time to strengthen his vocals. Everything else is essentially spot-on. The guitar parts are ballsy and have a good punch to them, but can be soft and beautiful when it goes acoustic. The rhythm section is very punk-sounding, and goes well with the overall rock feel of the songs. You can tell he’s not really a singer, he’s an artist. He writes music and lyrics, and sings them because that’s what he has to do. It takes a lot of courage to sing when it’s not your main focus, so I respect him very much for that as well. Overall, I see a bright future for Adam Manion. He writes emotionally attached songs with a unique sound for this area, and even though the songs are already good, they can only get better. This is a young artist to watch out for, because I can tell he has a lot to say, a lot to do, and will have a lot of people to listen.

Go check out Adam Manion’s page and give him a “like”:


What do you think about young artists? Should they start young? Should they wait a while before getting involved? Comment with your thoughts. I’ll have more reviews coming whenever I get the chance. Rock on 315!

-Steve, 315MR (Upstate Metal) BTLYAP


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