Quick Glance: Spater

Quick Glance: Spater


Genre: Metal

With all the bands out today that focus on hardcore and metalcore, we should never forget to pay homage to the bands that play(ed) the earlier form of the genre that the scene has evolved from. Since 1992, Spater has been playing ballsy, in-your-face, shredding 80s metal. For a trio, they sure get a lot of sound out, where a lot of metal bands try to be as big as possible to expand the sound. They don’t need any fancy production, techno effects, or even a second guitarist, because they get all the sound they need out of the trio. The music they have online is poorly produced, but that doesn’t hinder them at all because the rawness of it actually enhances the grittiness of their style. Besides, you don’t need perfect production to hear their musicianship, which is fantastic. The drums alternate between super fast and heavy to slow rock beats. The bass lines are groovy and heavy, and can actually be heard very well. The guitar is without a doubt the best part of the band. The riffs are very Metallica-esque, as are the insane solos, which are fast, shredding, technical, and overall fantastic. There is one thing I didn’t like about them, and that is the vocals, which sound like an impersonation of James Hetfield, Lemmy Kilmister, and/or Corey Taylor mixed. However, it does fit the attitude and style of the band, and sometimes it does sound good, so I’ll let it slide. I really enjoy the sense of humor of this band, especially on their song “The Brady Bunch”, which is, I’m not kidding, a heavy version version of the “Brady Bunch” theme song. Not only that, but they seem like they have so much fun playing music. As heavy and tough as they sound, you can tell they’re having a lot of fun. I respect these guys a lot for their determination and sticking to their guns. In today’s scene, too many good bands are only around for a couple of years before breaking up. This band has been around since 1992! They’re still going strong, and have amassed a following of over 4,000 Facebook fans to date. I applaud this band for sticking around and playing the music they love, purely for the sake of playing it. Spater (pronounced “Spatter”) is definitely a band to check out if you want to hear some good old fashioned metal in the 315; you won’t be disappointed.

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Sorry I haven’t been posting lately, I’ve been very busy. I’ll try to do as many reviews as I can! Rock on 315!

-Steve, 315MR (Upstate Metal) BTLYAP


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