Datsik Was Sick

Out of all the EDM performers that have hit the Westcott Theater’s Stage; and there have been quite a few this year, I don’t think any have put as much bass in everyones face as Datsik did last Tuesday night. If you are still concerned about The Westcott Theater not being sturdy  after the ceiling incident a few months ago; rest asured. If the venue could handle Datsik’s bass power without crumbling to pieces it is definitely indestructable.  He played a fantastic set of wobbly remixes of songs such as “Settle Down” off the new No Doubt album and “Freak” by Bro Safari and Knuckle Children. He played a collection of his better known tracks as well including “Swagga” and “Crunch”.

If you don’t already know and love his work; what makes Datsik such an amazing artist is his eclectic sampling and creative mixology. On his website he explains “There’s a little bit of everything thrown in the mix and dirtied up. There are pieces of hip-hop, the bass from electronic dance tracks and the roots of U.K. garage and drum & bass…Dubstep is totally the punk rock of electronic music.” The energy of the crowd was infectious. To your left and right you could’t find a raver who wasn’t smiling.  Datsik is one of those artists who had the charisma to get the crowd to throw their cares out the window and dance like fools.

What really made the entire performance over the top however; was the infamous “Vortex” he played out of. Surrounding the table where his equipment sat was a giant cone shaped white screen which projected an incredible light show.

He ended the show with a warm shoutout to opening artist Excison and proceeded to drop a sweet and satisfying remix of the Pretty Lights track “Finally Moving”. The perfect end to an invigorating musical experience.

More about Datsik here: http://www.firepowerrecords.com/artists/datsik/

Datsik FB page : https://www.facebook.com/djdatsik

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