TRANSPARENT’s “Bridges” featured on Nascar: The Game Inside Line

transparentWithout making the obvious “You know you’ve made it big in Upstate NY when your song is on a NASCAR game” quip, I was introduced to this gem and thought it appropriate to share. The song is named “Bridges” by the band known as Transparent.   The video is well done (the beginning gave me motion sickness. Too much spinning, too fast), and the song, although repetitious at times, is palatable.  Not your typical “chug chug squeal” and sister crying vocals, this band seems to have their musical vision intact and placing their strides in the direction of growth. The only qualm I held with this song is the monotonous vocals. The lyrics are fantastic, but the obviously overly enthused tone of the vocalist certainly took away from the intensity of the emotion in the song. Musical quality is entirely on track, the back up screaming (if you will) kinda creeps up on you, so as long as you’re not easy to startle you’ll probably really like this band.  I am really looking forward to see where this band is heading. Check them out!


Find Transparent on- (they also have a friend page as well!)

Transparent is from Canisteo/Hornell, N.Y.

-Christine Palmer

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