Ryan Montbleau comes to Red Square in Albany, December 29th

The end of 2012 does not mean the end of great music presented by Guthrie Bell Productions, who are proud to bring The Ryan Montbleau Band back to the Capital Region to perform at the intimate Red Square (388 Broadway, Albany) on Saturday, December 29th at 8 PM with special guest, Jesse Dee who will open the show.

Ryan Montbleau, 2012

Songs from Montbleau typically need to simmer. In his 10-year career this gifted singer and his limber band have built their catalog the old-fashioned way, by introducing new songs to their live set, then bending and shaping them over dozens of performances before committing a definitive version to the hard drive.

At 34, he’s a late-bloomer who’s right on time. Montbleau didn’t start singing and playing guitar in earnest until he was in college, at Villanova. Later, working at the House of Blues in Boston, he began playing solo sets there as a warmup act. His band came together naturally over time, planting strong roots in coffeeshops, folk venues and rock clubs before converting audiences on an outdoor festival circuit that now stretches across the country. Through word of mouth and repeat visits, the band has built a devoted following from the Northeast to Chicago, Seattle and Austin. “It’s like watching the grass grow,” says the easygoing Montbleau.

For more information on Ryan Montbleau and The Ryan Montbleau band, please visit www.ryanmontbleauband.com.