Mansions On The Moon at The Westcott Theater, November 13th

A plastic pigeon perched on his keyboard as Ben Hazelgrove and the rest of  Mansions On The Moon spilled their mysterious musical magic onto the stage at The Westcott Theater. The Los Angeles based band is fresh on the scene, having debuted their first mixtape Paradise Falls in 2010 and opened for rap artists Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller. They have also played the Snowball Tour and SXSW this past year.  Band members include Ted Wendler (guitar and vocals), Ben Hazelgrove (keyboard), Lane Shaw (drums) and Jeff Maccora (Bass). Exactly what genre their supernatural music falls under is hard to say but I would put it somewhere between the likes of indie rock, shoegaze, dreampop and chillwave. Essentially, if I were ever taking a trip to the moon, their album would make the perfect travel soundtrack. They are the perfect representation of peace between electronic and classical instruments as Lane played the drums behind Ben on a Micro-Korg Synth and TC-Helicon vocal looper.

The four member band played a beautiful set of songs from their 2012 EP LightYear (executively produced by Pharell Williams) in addition to a few of their earlier heart-breaking singles from 2010 including “She Makes Me Feel”. Their entrancing harmonies and humble drums called for a little subtle foot tapping and body swaying. The beat has just enough presence to move you during a concert but not enough that it couldn’t lull you to sleep on your bedtime playlist.  The feel of the show was very intimate; you could tell the members were relaxed on stage as they openly exchanged casual commentary about which songs they wanted to play next. Nearing the end of the show, the band broke into a spacey jam sesh that had the whole audience vibing as if we were old friends hanging out in the band’s living room. If they keep growing into their personality, in time we might all be fighting for a foothold on the floor. After the show, bassist Jeff Maccora spilled that we can expect to hear dancier tracks on the bands next album. So get excited and look out for Mansions On The Moon!

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