Millbrook, NY’s STRIKE our CHORDS enter their debut two song EP with a phone message from a disgruntled neighbor who can’t hear the news anchors over what was presumably a band practice. It’s not so much that he couldn’t hear the news as that he was trying to listen to the wrong news. This band is going to do great things. It’s hard to quantify a band based on two songs, but I’d call this punk rock in the vein of Hot Water Music and None More Black with a touch of Ruiner era A Wilhelm Scream.

Because intensely personal lyrics set the tone, it’s almost easy to overlook the deftly handled mood and tempo changes that pepper the entire seven plus minutes of this release. I’ve listened 7 or 8 times and there was something new to find in the music each time. One of my major issues with a lot of current music is almost non existent replay value, so this was a pleasant surprise.

There’s not a lot of new bands I can legitimately say I find myself getting excited about, but STRIKE our CHORDS is an exciting new band. Take the time to check them out!

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