Niagara Falls own It’s a Dinosaur! is a progressive metal band. Or as the band describes themselves,  “a cohesive clusterfuck.” This explains It’s a Dinosaur! in a nutshell, but in the best possible way. Spastic, well played, diverse and, rarely enough in today’s metal, unique songs counteract a drab, boring and otherwise lifeless glut of tight panted glamor girl bands playing the same breakdowns to ever shrinking crowds of ninja dolphins. Relatively newly formed, but with all members previously being in bands like Sons of Azrael, A .12 Gauge Tragedy, Boss Tribal and Angelo Mio, It’s a Dinosaur! came out of the gate with a solid, confident sound. And although you can hear their influences in their music, it shines through that this is a band that is just being themselves

There are 2 songs available on the band’s Facebook page, and they are currently working on an EP. As for release date, the band said: “We figure since summer does not technically start until June 20th, we can comfortably use “spring 2012” as a tentative release date right now.” In the meantime, take the opportunity to catch these guys live, because if you sleep on them you will regret that.

-Brian Lawrence

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