FREEDOM CALL to release new record

There can be no doubt that Freedom Call, in addition to their many other irrefutable fortes, are also a first-rate live act. Their concerts see the melodic metal outfit from Southern Germany deliver a veritable a riot of musical zest, positive energy and personal optimism. So it’s not surprising that vocalist/guitarist Chris Bay and his team have been wanting to add this dynamic flair to one of their studio productions without neglecting their familiar love of detail – which the band from Nuremberg have skillfully accomplished on Land Of The Crimson Dawn.

“The new tracks simply have more of that rock’n’roll feel,” says Bay, “everything sounds much rawer, there’s more focus on the guitars than before, and the musicians had more freedom during the recordings than they used to have.” This added independence has paid off for Freedom Call: Land Of The Crimson Dawn is definitely one of the band’s most dynamic productions since their 1999 debut Stairway To Fairyland, combining the passion of their live shows with carefully intricate arrangements and technical finesse.

The new album will be available from Steamhammer/SPV on 27 February 2012 (Germany: 24 February 2012; USA: 28 February 2012 ) in three versions: as a jewel case featuring 14 songs, as a limited double CD digipak including six additional bonus tracks – which have chums such as Powerworld, Secret Sphere, Downspirit, Manimal, Neonfly and Hannes Braun (Kissin’ Dynamite) deliver their versions of popular Freedom Call numbers – and on double colored vinyl LP.

Below is the Digipak Track List:

CD 1


1. Age of the Phoenix 3:37

2. Rockstars 5:08

3. Crimson Dawn 6:29

4. 66 Warriors 5:20

5. Back into the Land of Light 5:39

6. Sun in the Dark 4:49

7. Hero on Video 3:50

8. Valley of Kingdom 4:32

9. Killer Gear 4:42

10. Rockin` Radio 4:13

11. Terra Liberty 4:09

12. Eternity 4:23

13. Space Legends 4:04

14. Power & Glory 3:30


CD 2


1. Flame in the night – performed by Powerworld

2. Hunting high and low – performed by Downspirit

3. Fairyland – performed by Secret Sphere

4. Palace of Fantasy – performed by Manimal

5. Land of the light – performed by Neonfly

6. Warriors – performed by Hannes Braun of Kissin` Dynamite

-Erik Jensen

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