TONIGHT WE FEED’s Monstrosity is set apart from others, controlled

Tonight We Feed is a five piece metal band from Newark, New York.  They feature a unique and unrelenting style with solid riffs throughout their new EP Monstrosity.  Tonight We Feed’s sound is big and assaults the listeners with crunchy guitars and timely bassdrops.  Their self-proclaimed crunchy guitar sound is exactly on point as this sets them apart from other bands in the genre.  Jim Dusharm is on vocals and brings a guttural tone which he can transition with control to a high pitched scream.  I was impressed with his pitch and he showed diversity with the mixture of some hardcore vocals as well.  The production on the five song EP is solid and this recording brings another quality piece to the underground metal scene.  The drums are powerful but at times do sound mechanical.  The band displays a wide range of breakdowns and riffs and an energy that does not fade.  Monstrosity, starts off with Devour it all, a straight forward brutal song that lets the listener know they are in for an intense ride.  Songs like Party at the Apocalypse and They Were Dead Before They Died show a pulse pounding style littered with hardcore undertones and raucous vocals.   Tonight We Feed is definitely a must listen for anyone who is into rugged guitars and powerful breakdowns.  Their aggressive style and hardcore undercurrents display a sound that separates them from many underground metal bands in upstate New York today.  Check them out on Facebook and Reverbnation, Tonight We Feed is truly a feeding frenzy for your ears!


Vocals – Jim Dusharm

Guitar – Chuck Storrs

Guitar – Matt Bacon

Bass – Brad Tyler

Drums – Bill Mulberry


Track listing –

  1. Devour It All
  2. Five Finger Priest Punch
  3. Im In Psychoville And Finkle’s The Mayor
  4. Party At The Apocolypse
  5. They Were Dead Before They Died

Rob Born

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